Matthew Schaller
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Born in Ohio on January 28, 1980.
September, 1986
Started School - First Grade - 6th Grade Toth Elementary Perrysburg, Ohio.

June 1998 - January 2000
Matthew spent time in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Chicago trying to decide what he wanted to do with his life. During this time he met the love of his life in Chicago, Illinois. Her name was  Leah Wheeler.
February, 2000
Matthew joins the United States Navy.
June, 2000
The love of his life, Leah Wheeler dies from an accident. Matthew said his heart also died with her. 
September 2000
Matthew graduates from IT school at Great Lakes.
Stationed in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory.
Stationed in Sardinia, Italy.
2004 January - August
Home from the Navy!
August 2004
Reinlisted, job training in Pensicola, Fla.
Stationed in Naples, Italy.
Passed away in Naples, Italy on March 09, 2006 at the age of 26.

"In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free." Psalm 118:5 (NIV)
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